Saturday, April 01, 2006

They've doubled in size.

There appear to be three males and one female.

Sweaters are good for nipple hunting.

Mom comes to see what's going on:

OK, so I finally took a flash photo in the box.

Their eyes appear to almost be opening. They crawl toward the light when they hear people outside the box. They haven't been picked up much (mostly so Mom won't get weirded and hide them in some crevice) but they adjust quickly the few times they've been handled. They'll be well acclimated to people by the time they can see. :-)

Today the dog sniffed them very gingerly. She's been terribly curious, but she was only allowed in sniffing range. If the kittens could see, it would have looked like this:

I wonder if they remind her of her puppies? Odds are she'll be herding them like the rest of the cats in a few weeks.

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