Thursday, March 30, 2006

Milk Drunk Love

Wednesday Evening, the kittens all have a belly full of milk, stagger blindly around, mash each other in the head, crawl against the sides of their home & sleep in a tangled kitteny ball.

They're all plumping like ball park franks. Legs still skinny and shaky, but gaining strength.

Just to make a record of the time it took for birth (in case anyone else is about to go through this)-
5:45 PM her water broke.
7:00 PM was the first of the large voluntary contractions.
The book says 30-90 minutes for the first kitten from that point. Well, things didn't work out that way. Sabina took a good 105 minutes to send the first one out the chute, so don't panic if it takes a bit longer than expected.
8:45 PM first birth for the new mother.
Kittens two and three were spaced about 45 minutes apart, with the fourth showing up sometime during the night.

Shortly after birth, the second kitten was having trouble breathing, then lay completely still. Pulled it out and the face was still encased in the membrane. Pulled off the membrane and rubbed the kitten until it began breathing. Sabina was still distracted with cleaning and fluffing the first kitten. Put the second kitten right in front of her face so she'd begin cleaning and stimulating it. All was fine after that.


Hopefully we'll get some pictures with more light. The flashlight just doesn't produce enough light for good pictures. Next week will be better, as their eyes will open and they'll be more active. Currently they spend most of their time in a milk stupor.

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