Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wednesday, Eyes Wide Open.

Crawling all over.

Watching the world.

Look how big they're getting.

Holding him up next to the light so I can take a shot without the flash.

Now, that's a cute kitty.


I think Tiger's mysterious injury has been solved.

Tiger, one of the big local Toms, showed up with a bad gash in his neck a few months ago. Tonight as I'm walking to my car, a 40 lb. Raccoon (and smaller companion) slipped over the ivy covered fence next door and sauntered along the sidewalk just a few feet in front of me. A raccoon that size could do some real damage to a housecat.

1 comment:

Sonuvabitch said...

hey ashbe, nice cat isn't it..?
i also owned a cat, a small tiny cutie's a stray..quite poor, 'cause no mother and father, hence, me and my family adopted her...

now she's growing...very soon, she will become a very pretty "woman"..hehe...

wonder if i can show you her picture...