Sunday, April 09, 2006

Eyes Can Open, though apparently everything is too bright.

Currently they haltingly stagger around. They'll crawl out of their cubbyhole, looking for mom. But most of their time is spent passed out cold, belly full of milk.

The kittens are relentless eating machines. They are becoming huge. Well, huge relative to their previous tiny size. Or grasshoppers or something. Bigger anyway.

Falling asleep while nursing, gradually falling off his favorite nipple:

Just wait 'til their eyes are wide open...

They're going to be so cute.

(Click for full size image.)

At one point, two kitties were staring at me all saucer eyed. W0uld have been a great pic, but it's just too dark. Soon though, soon you will all be exposed to the terrible majesty of cuteness.

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