Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pimp My Birdhouse & sleeping kittens

The kittens commune and recouperate after a long day. They visited the vet because they all had a cold- sneezing and congested coughing. The vet assures C. this is nothing terrible, gave her some food supplements, and recommends she not give any kittens away prior to their full recovery, preferably to houses where any other cats are up to date with their vaccinations.

We were all relieved to hear that.

Prior to a full check up, we had all been worried.

The kittens weren't worried. They were just chasing feathers and sneezing. Now they're napping and we all look forward to their final clean bill of health.

~Change of subject~

A few days ago I had a project politely dumped in my lap.

Each of the show crews at C.N. is working on a birdhouse. A simple little birdhouse is to be decorated and donated to a local school where it will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the school. Artists being artists, the charity project became somewhat competitive between crews. The birdhouses became more and more elaborate with extensive show related decorations.

When my car was finally running again (defective steering computer chip), I zipped down to Ken's house where he risked fingers and toes extensively pimpin' my birdhouse. As we started work on the basic birdhouse, we had noticed that the roof line was the same as Ahmah's house in my show:

Sadly, I didn't have this piece for reference, so we had to go by memory for some of the design. We also simplified & exaggerated many of the design elements. After all, it is a charity birdhouse based on a cartoon.

Several hours later, the birdhouse pimping was largely completed. I spent the next day gluing a couple of pieces on and roughing in the paint. Still have a ways to go, but here it is so far:

As you can see, I've propped the birdhouse up on my wallet to approximate the angle of the show painting. Seems doubly appropriate since a birdhouse is about all the California real estate I can afford.

I'm looking forward to seeing this finished. I'll try to get pics of the other crew's birdhouses. I've seen the ones from "Squirrel Boy" and "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", and they're pretty cool. Hopefully our show's will turn out as well...

I'm breaking show style a bit with my painting. The flat graphic style isn't visually as interesting on a real object. The colors are also a bit off at this stage. :shrug: Hopefully Alan won't mind the cheats. ;-)

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