Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hot cat on cat action pics...

OK, so... cat on dresser.

And cat on cat box.

and cat sayin' "What you got there in your hand?"

And cat attacking pant leg.

Relaxing on the dresser.

Feather is spotted.

If you rub them together they become briefly uncertain how to proceed.

When you leave the room, you can hear them gallop around like tiny little horses with velcro hooves.

They climb anything, and hang upside down, suspended by two back toes while attacking a sibling.

Sometimes it's fun to get puffy and hiss at the dog for no reason.

The dog is dying to herd them.

Apparently feet are excellent to chew on.

As are other cats.

Humans are primarily useful as Jungle Gym and obstacle course.

Strings now make perfect sense, and absolute focus is maintained.

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elvis said...


and the goings on at the Toulose Latrec pub crawl?