Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Loose lunch sketch on the lot.


Dominic Tiberio said...

Hi Ashby! I've recently been re-reading some of my older comics and just finished the Medieval Spawn Witchblade series from '96. Quick question, did you color these digitally back then?

I've really enjoyed looking through your art and recent work! Your paintings are excellent. Thanks!

Ashby said...

Thanks Dominic,

Yes, we were using digital color back then, pre release version of Photoshop 3, as I recall. Sort of making it up as we went. Brian Haberlin, Tyson Wengler, Richard Isanove, Peter Steigerwald, et. al., were all going strong at Top Cow.

I learned Photoshop on the job at Top Cow on Cyberforce 7. After a while I began doing watercolor guides for whole books and other people did the more time consuming digital color. I'll see if I can dig up some samples for you.