Sunday, October 09, 2011

I get to draw and paint with big brushes!

For the last few months, I've had the great privilege to work on the third season of the Ricky Gervais show. Frequently working straight from storyboard roughs, I've been drawing and painting on the fly. The style has been a lot of fun, varying from cartoon 50's high style to painterly impressionism, Tex Avery to Spanish Baroque, whatever sells the gag.

Background for Columbus selling the idea of exploring.

I've had a lot of fun. Thanks to Richard Lee and Dan Fraga for sympathetic eyes, encouragement, freedom and constructive criticism. Thanks also to Ricky Gervais and Karl and Stephen for having such wide-ranging and whack conversations.

Trafalgar square

Here are some recent backgrounds. Some of these images are crops from very large pans. Click on the pic for larger image so you can see how loose they are.


Kuwait GW1, somewhat realistic parody sequence. 
Karl's Kitchen. 
Karl's sadly vacant fridge.

Desert Isle crop.

Desert isle shoreline

Karl's garden with space for lettuce munchin' slug

Birth control centuries ago. Citrus fruit for diaphragms.

Rough board of Karl in imaginary catacombs under the surface of Pluto.

Light flowing into imaginary underground catacombs under surface of Pluto.

London mashup.

Italy mashup, syncs to earlier London mashup. 

Mentalist's house

Nasty pub urinals. 

Nasty pub urinals, reverse angle. 

Park in London

Rain rolls into park. 

Rough board I worked from for my trench warfare BG. 

Trench Warfare

Huge multi-plane trench warfare pan, increasingly snowy. 

Ibiza safe and gloomy

Cropped in on an island I imagined off the coast of Ibiza. 

It's a lot of fun to see these with the animation on top of them. 

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