Friday, February 24, 2006

Tuesday's Drawings

Four pastels from the underground drawing club. Curious to see how this blogging software works.

I'm trying to draw and paint more regularly. Hopefully something good will come of this.

I swear I'm going to do a Black Velvet series. Yeah. Devil chicks in high heels on black velvet...Classy. :-) Pastel on black canson paper will do for now.

(The theme of the workshop was devil chicks. Probably in response to last week's angelic Valentine's Day theme.)


Van_Arno said...

This looks great. That upstart whippersnapper cezanne has nothing on you.
I still like the SheDevil session the best. It's cool to see it all together
Anxiously awaiting post of black velvet series

gregg said...

definitely a notch above the dogs playing poker.

Keep striving to reach the Elvis league!


Allyn's friend at EA said...

Wow those are really cool, I wish we had those workshops here maybe I'll ask one of my coworkers to host those drawing workshops, they are really cool and different!